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"That must be hard?"


How do you say "That must be hard?" I want to know how to distinguish between "must" (deber?) as in obligation, and "must" (deber, again?) as in a sympathetic observation like: Wow, that must be hard, you must be tired, etc.

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posted by rob-andi
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I've heard "deber" used in both of these contexts.

¡Esto debe ser difícil!

¡Debes estar cansado!

Debes llamar al médico.

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posted by CalvoViejo

Debe ser duro (I think it must be hard) Tiene que ser duro (I am more sure about that probability)

Debes estar cansada (I think you must be tired) Tienes que estar cansada (I am more sure about that probability)

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For the 2nd sense, you could also use the simple future e.g. "Eso será difícil." / "Estarás cansado."

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Hi Rob Do you mean "hard" or "difficult" ?

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