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How do you say "execution wall" in Spanish? (one word)

updated NOV 29, 2009
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posted by acedragon
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In Spain we have a word for this:

el paredón

updated FEB 7, 2010
posted by 00494d19

la pared de ejecución

updated NOV 28, 2009
posted by Issabela

Anything I have read about firing squads and "death walls" has used the word "el paredon" regardless of country.

updated NOV 29, 2009
posted by mountaingirl123

When I was a teenager, on a saturday night I used to hang out at a place called Bellvue in Manchester it was a big entertainment complex and zoological gardens I used to go to watch the speedway team and afterwards go around the showground and there was a side show there called "the wall of death" which featured stunt motorcyclists, el pared de muerto.

updated NOV 29, 2009
posted by kenwilliams
Didi you ever see the globe of death, where 3 or 4 bikes race around inside a metal globe? - 00f2b5a1, NOV 29, 2009
Yes i saw that as well, you can't beat a bit of nostalgia can you? - kenwilliams, NOV 29, 2009
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