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Sinónimos y Antónimos de "coger"


Create a sentence in Spanish using a synonym or antonym of "coger". smile smile

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Tengo que coger el autobús a las ocho. I have to get on the bus at 8 - AntMexico, NOV 27, 2009
so your homework is to look up a synonym, ok? go! ;) - AntMexico, NOV 27, 2009
I'm sorry. I didn't know this was a kind of interactive thread to participate doing what you asked. :) - AntMexico, DIC 1, 2009

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Well, "coger" in Spain means "to grasp, hold, get on a bus..." . But in Mexico is a vulgar way to refer the intercourse (I hope I hadn't said a bad word! if so I'm sorry)

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Actually that is probably the politically correct word to use and it does refer to verbl intercourse, etc. and not just to sexual intercourse. - 0074b507, NOV 27, 2009
I support this message! :P - ShaneCope, NOV 27, 2009
Thanks for the warning. - Nicole-B, NOV 27, 2009

I released my tensions after the test. Solté mi tensiones despues de la prueba.

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Sólo tengo que recoger un poco más los regalos de Navidad. Este es el primer año he terminado de compras temprano.

I only need to get a few more Christmas gifts. This is the first year I am done shopping early. cheese

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Wow -- this is excactly how I would say this (that might worry you) - Daniel, NOV 27, 2009
Solo tengo que comprar/conseguir/obtener unos pocos regalos de Navidad adicionales. Este es el primer año que he realizado mis compras con antelación. - Mokay, NOV 27, 2009
I knew I would be wrong. Yea comprar is the best. - Daniel, NOV 27, 2009
Gracias - Nicole-B, NOV 27, 2009

liberar = release

El derriba, y no se puede reedificar; Aprisiona a un hombre, y no puede ser liberado.

What he tears down cannot be rebuilt; the man he imprisons cannot be released.

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Happy belated Thanksgiving. I hope there was at least a little joy in your day!!! - Nicole-B, NOV 27, 2009
Went to work. The only difference is I ate turkey (to go). Thank you though. Hope yours was enjoyable. - Seitheach, NOV 27, 2009

Un antónimo es soltar

¡suéltame! let go of me!

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Hopefully this is not describing a Black Friday altercation!!! - Nicole-B, NOV 27, 2009
I like your new avatar Marianne. I have to get my mug up there soon. - Nicole-B, NOV 27, 2009

sinónimos de coger = tomar, agarrar antónimos de coger= dejar

I hope it helps you

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Gracias Juan. - Nicole-B, NOV 27, 2009
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