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Formal Commands vs. Recommendations in the Subjunctive


Are you suposed to conjugate Formal Commands and Recommendations in the Subjunctive verbs the same way?

I didn't see any differences in the videos.

updated NOV 27, 2009
posted by EBGDAE

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I don't quite follow your question. Formal commands only deal with 2nd person. (usted, ustedes) and maybe 1st person, plural if you don't consider those exhortations (Let's). Recomendations employing the subjunctive could use all persons. They could also employ different tenses.

Formal commands (affirmative and negative) use the present tense subjunctive endings.

If you confine yourself to formal commands and recommendations that only deal with the same person and tense then, yes, they conjugate the same.

updated NOV 27, 2009
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posted by 0074b507
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