true means of "colegio"

true means of "colegio"


hola cómo está?

yo soy soci de japon.

i have a question about "colegio".

most of internet dictionaries say "colegio" means school especially high-school.

but my Spanish friend(from Jaen) said "colegio" means school especially elementary school.

there are many interpretations which depends on area?

somebody help me?


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In Mexico we have "public" and "private" schools in all levels:

  • Jardín de Niños ( 3 - 5 años) (known too as kinder)
  • Primaria ( 6 - 12 años)
  • Secundaria (13 - 15 años) (there are institutos too at this level)
  • Preparatoria (16 - 18 años) (there are escuelas técnicas too at this level)
  • Universidad (19 - 22 años) (there are tecnológicos too at this level)

Public schools are managed directly by the government and students generally do not have to pay tuition.

Private schools are known as colegios. They are managed by their owners like businesses and the students have to pay tuition.

They can cover from jardín de niños to preparatoria, but most of them just cover primaria and secundaria levels.

Private universities are always called universidad or tecnológico.

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Hi soci, I hope for you. "Hola Soci, espero ayudarte"

In Latinoamerica (excluded Spain)

Jardín (Children 4-5 old age)---->kinder garden

Escuela(Children 6-11 old age- And Teen 12-14 old age)--->Elementary School or School

Colegio / Preparatoria---(Teen 15 -17 old age)>High School

Domo arigato soci-kun.... tongue wink

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Colegio in my experience is middle school

Cole in costa rica is high school/middle school.. really depends where you are.

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Hi soci, you can double click on the word colegio to get a lot of different meanings from the dictionary. In my country colegio simply means school. Welcome to the forum.

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