Sinónimos y Antónimos de "Estrellar"

Sinónimos y Antónimos de "Estrellar"


Today's word sounds kind of violent! wink surprised big surprise snake cool cheese LOL Well I am interested to hear your creative sentences in Spanish using synonyms or antonyms for "estrellar". Feel free to use anecdotes from your own life...if you have ever felt the need to "smash" something!! wink LOL LOL

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fijar = to fix (antonym)

...y en su amor andarás ciego de continuo, sin fijar tus ojos en nadie más .

...and in her love continually ravished, without setting your eyes on anyone else.

updated NOV 25, 2009
posted by Seitheach
You rock!!! The first thing I wondered when seeing this word was "How is Phil going to be able to find a verse for this?" And lo and behold, you did it. Truly amazing. You are getting my vote for best answer even though yours is the only answer!!!! - Nicole-B, NOV 25, 2009
There's always a verse if you conjugate. Ok maybe not for moder technology words, but..... - Seitheach, NOV 25, 2009

Toda mi familia va a reunir para el dia de acción de gracias.

(My whole family is going to reunite for Thanksgiving)

updated NOV 25, 2009
posted by --Mariana--
Have a great holiday Marianne! - Nicole-B, NOV 25, 2009
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