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how would you do a job ad in spanish


i would like to know how you would advertise a job ad in spanish

updated NOV 24, 2009
posted by roony

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It seems to be pretty much the same way we do it. I would suggest that you look at some want ads to get a feel for it.

Por Ejemplo: ¡AhoraSi! Classified (PDF)

Or ¡AhoraSi!

updated NOV 24, 2009
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posted by Goyo
That link doesn't work for me. Does it for you? May be a browser thing. - 0074b507, NOV 24, 2009
It does work for me. But it's a PDF. I added a direct link... - Goyo, NOV 24, 2009

Unless you just want advice like "state what qualifications the applicant must have" or "place the ad in a Spanish newpaper or magazine" I think that you should give us a little more detail. Is there something you need to know how to word? Like "Help Wanted".

updated NOV 24, 2009
edited by 0074b507
posted by 0074b507
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