How would you use the word ñoño (a) in Spanish?

How would you use the word ñoño (a) in Spanish?


When I looked up the word schmaltzy in the dictionary it gave me sensiblero, ñoño. When I then looked up the word ñoño it gave me squeamish, whining, dull, namby-pamby, So, does anyone know how to use this or is there a better word for Schmaltzy? What about kitsch?

updated NOV 25, 2009
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Namby pamby doesn't mean kitsch as far as I know. - 00f2b5a1, NOV 23, 2009

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In my country ñoño means spoiled. --- A momma's boy.

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Most momma's boy would be considered wimpy. - BellaMargarita, NOV 24, 2009
I think it is so hard to define the meaning of ñoño beacuse some of the characteristics of this adjectives intertwines with other words and when trying to translate it it makes it even more complicated. - 0068e2f4, NOV 24, 2009

"Cursi" is the most reliable word I can think of for "schmaltzy".

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No se un ñoño, o No se una ñoña

Don't be a wuss.

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posted by aloshek
I'm only guessing... - aloshek, NOV 23, 2009
The familiar command form (affirmative) of ser is sé - 0074b507, NOV 23, 2009
and the negative is Seas, so No Seas - 003487d6, NOV 23, 2009
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