Earning "reputation." (Part 2)

Earning "reputation." (Part 2)


JoahannaT posted a question that garnered 17 responses. Yet, she received only 4 "up" votes for a timely question that produced such a heavy response.

That seems to be a pattern here.

Why do you think that's so?

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I don't quite follow your thinking here.

The thread you mean is quite an old one - it comes to the front now and again because there is a very good answer in it which explains how you do, in fact, post a picture, and referring new users to that thread saves us having to re-post the answer over and over again.

In a case like that, we wouldn't normally vote for the question again - it's the answer inside the thread that is important - and I'm sure Johanna understands this.

updated NOV 22, 2009
posted by sheila-foster
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