Nido Del Pajaro Macua

Nido Del Pajaro Macua


The statement below is a set of directions, I think? or instructions?

Nido Del Pajaro Macua Este Maravilloso Perfume, Preparado Con ElNido Del Paiaro Macua Tiene El Poder Y El Magnestismo De Atraer A Quien Lo use: Amor Dinero-Salud-Union En El Hogar- Union De Novios Tranquilidad Suerte y properidad En Todo Negocio Que Emprenda Cuenta La Historia Questa Mistica Ave Hace Sunido En Las Alturas Donde Adquiere Todo El Poder Y Las Radiaciones Positivas Recuerde SI Sus Penas Quiere Olvidar Ponga El Nido Del Pajaro Macua A Trabajar

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Here is a link to the product you are enquiring about. The paragraph you have entered is not so much instructions as the advertising statement of the seller. There is a paragraph in English in the link I'm sending you to. This stuff seems to say on it's label. "Perfume of Good Luck".

"Click" here ----> Macua Perfume Sparay With Nest.

I hope it does not smell like the bottom of a bird's nest.


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Welcome to the Forum!

You're likely correct that this passage is directions. I took the last phrase to "Translation" and got this: "Put The Nest Of The Pajaro Macua TO Work"

You can easily use "Translation" for the remainder of the passage, although the lack of punctuation and all those capital letters make it tough to do.

Buena suerte!

updated NOV 22, 2009
posted by 0057ed01
PS: Google "Scarlet Macua." It's a gorgeous, rather rare, Mexican macaw! Thanks for the lead... - 0057ed01, NOV 22, 2009
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