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I'm reading Mira si yo te Querré de Luis Leante and I'm wondering if the above phrase has an idiomatic meaning.


Cuando Santiago echó una ojeada al motor del vehículo, soltó un silbido agudo que atrajo la atención de los otros mecánicos. Los alambres, empalmes y parches d aquel Land-Rover formaban una maraña que impedía ver el bloque del motor. Los mecánicos se desentendieron. Dejaron las herramientas para ir a almorzar. En sus gestos se veía que no estaban dispuestos a tragarse aquella papeleta.

By the context it looks like the mechanics weren't interested in 'fooling with this mess'... possibly 'taking on the challenge' or 'getting involved' (There are overtones I've left out, of predjudice against the Saharauis who brought in the vehicle).

What exactly would "tragarse aquella papeleta" mean here

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Aquí viene anybody en persona, jeje

well, very colloquial use and probably not used like this elsewhere. (Remember yaya? I opened a threadwink)

Actually it can be found in the dictionary:


  1. f. coloq. Asunto difícil de resolver.

Le dejó con la papeleta. he was left with this aweful, difficult-to-solve situation or problem.

So these guys did not want to be left with this situation.They were quite up to passing that thing to somebody elsewink

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Thank you very much, Heidi. - Valerie, NOV 22, 2009

Come on! Anybody?

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