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History of Spanish?


I was talking to a few people and the stated that Spanish, French, and Italian are all derived from Latin. Is this accurate? This makes some sense to me with all the similar words and cognates shared between these languages.

updated NOV 29, 2009
posted by Starcrafted

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Correct. Arabic also has a major influence in Spanish, due to the 800-year rule of Spain by the Arabs. This is also reflected in Spanish architecture. Additionally, any word in Spanish starting with "al" comes from Arabic.

updated NOV 29, 2009
posted by 005faa61
Awesome Thank you - Starcrafted, NOV 21, 2009
Interesting. Paralee did say "Ojalá" came from Arabic if I remember right. - Gustav-R, NOV 21, 2009
"many" but not "any". Two counter examples: "alba" & "ala" (both from Latin) - samdie, NOV 29, 2009

Yes this is true. You can read more here

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posted by aloshek
Thank you for the info - Starcrafted, NOV 21, 2009

The languages come from Latin are called "Romance languages "and these are Spanish, Italian, French, Greek, Portuguese.

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posted by Lauriti
Not Greek. You can add Romanian - samdie, NOV 29, 2009
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