Single Girl in Mexico

Single Girl in Mexico


Quiero visitar México el próximo año para practicar mi español. ¿Dónde están los buenos lugares seguros? ¿Hay algunos museos interesantes? ¿Tiendas? ¿Clubes? ¿Hay un(a) tiempo (estacíon?) bueno(a) de viajar a México?

¿Qué son tus cosas favoritas de hacer en México?


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Quiero visitar Mexico la proxima ano practicar mi espanol. ¿Dónde están los buenos lugares seguros? ¿Hay alguna Museos de interesante? Tiendas? Clubes? Hay un tiempo bueno de viajar a México?

Qué es tus cosas favoritas de hacer en México?


Lo correcto sería "Quiero visitar Mexico el próximo año y prácticar mi español.¿Cuáles son los lugares más seguros y bonitos para visitar?, ¿Hay algún museo interesante, tiendas o clubes? ¿Existe alguna fecha específica para viajar a México?. ¿Qúe actividades interesantes se pueden hacer en México?; ¡Gracias!" Aunque lo acomode creo que redunde mucho con la palabra "Mexico" pero quería mostrarte una manera sencilla.

"Sorry, I d'not Mexico" ---> Perdón yo no soy de Mexico Me corrigen por favor no sé si será "does not" ó "do not" y si va con el verbo"to be" pronombre "I am". Gracias y que tenga un buen día.

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There are many excellent cities in Mexico that are known for language schools specializing in the instruction of Spanish as a second (or third) language. Many of these schools also can arrange for you to live with a Mexican family.

I am a real fan of Mexico, but it would be foolish to not be aware of some of the drug-related crime that Mexico is struggling with. Research your destination carefully; don't take someone else's recommendation unless you are confident that the person really knows what s/he is talking about.

I took students yearly to a well-known language school in central Mexico for almost 30 years, but I would not go to that particular city at this time, nor would I recommend that a single woman ( or a single man for that matter) go there...

When you do select a destination, error on the side of caution. Mexico is an exciting, wonderful country, and the best part of it is not found in clubs.

There are so many pre-Columbian sites, as well as indigenous markets; just walking well-travelled streets and "people watching" will keep you enthralled for hours at a time! The people are generous beyond belief, the music and the food are wonderful, the weather is usually great.

Try to go on as many Mexican Spanish-language web sites as possible, and you will get a feeling as to which areas to automatically rule out because of safety concerns. Be sure to check the US State Department web site for travel warnings and travel alerts.

My husband and I spend winters in Mexico. We have found an area that we feel is actually safer than where we live in the US. On the other hand, we don't go down deserted streets and we stay away from night clubs, etc. Common sense goes a long way, be it at home, in a neighboring state, or in another country.

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Do you want to visit specifically Mexico City? or maybe travelling all around the country?

Dangerous places in Mexico City:

The streets of a zone called "Tepito", drugs, stealers.

Subway stations: la Merced (popular grocery market), Indios Verdes (place to take a bus to get into the archeological zone of Teotihuacan). Hidalgo station is full of people and there are men fondling women.

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La Republica Mexicana es hermosa y puedes encontrar cualquier lugar cosa que imagines. Frio? Calor? Playa? Bosques? Montañas? Rios? Lagos?, etc, todo lo puedes econtrar en Mexico.

Si quieres practicar tu español te recomiendo alguna ciudad como Monterrey, aqui hay mucha gente que habla ingles y podria apoyarte en caso que necesites comunicarte con alguien en tu idioma natal. Asi mismo aqui en Monterrey hay muchas personas que desean practicar su ingles y por lo tanto serias muy bien recibida.

Dime que lugares prefieres y te aconsejare que parte de México visitar.



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