Palabras que Edifican / Upbuilding Words

Palabras que Edifican / Upbuilding Words


I was studying a lesson in Spanish last night dealing with the effects of positive speech, when I came across this interesting statement:

Cuando alguien nos elogia con sinceridad, nos hace sentir bien y nos llena de ánimo. Y es muy natural que nos sintamos así, pues se está interesando por nosotros y por lo que estamos haciendo. Eso nos confirma que ha valido la pena el esfuerzo, fortaleciendo nuestra confianza e impulsándonos a trabajar cada día con más entusiasmo. Pues bien, dado que las alabanzas son algo que a todos nos gusta recibir, ¿no deberíamos preocuparnos también por darlas?


More or less, this translates to:

When someone sincerely commends us, it warms our heart and lifts our spirits. It is natural that we feel this way since this lets you know that someone cares about you and about what you are doing. It confirms to us that what you did was worth the effort, and builds your confidence and motivates you to work even more enthusiastically in the future. Since we all appreciate it when we receive commendation, should we not be interested in giving commendation to others?

He observado tal espíritu entre los miembros del foro y lo agradezco. ¡Muchísimas gracias a todos!


I have noticed and appreciate such a spirit among the members in this forum. Thank you all very much!

Tienes algunos comentarios al respecto?

Do you have any comments about the effects of up-building words?

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I was thinking about this before Chapa. what is it that motivates some people to hang around here and answer questions and participate by doing their best, and showing how much improvement they have made, etc. etc.

Well, while it is clear to me that we are all creatures that crave attention and recognition, and acceptance, and love and all of those things that seem to have egotistical roots, it is also true that many people feel a sense of responsibility not only to themselves but to others as well.

If we abandon our pursuits or if we abandon others in their pursuits, then remorsefulness creeps in and makes us feel that we are being less than we truly are.

I was also thinking about a comment that izanoni made in another thread about people calling Mexican a language:

“I think that the people who are reacting with such violent approbation about this are taking this way to seriously. I simply cannot understand the anger that accompanies this topic.”

From my own experience I can say that most of the time these comments are not made directly at any person in particular. This is just our human way of letting off steam, releasing the harmful stress that we accumulate through our daily chores. If you ask me who am I talking about in my comments I wouldn’t point any fingers because that is not the true purpose of my argument. If I was confronted by the subject of my complaint I would probably not treat him badly, not because I am fearful of the person but because it is against my true nature, and I think everybody else is the same way. I agree with azononi though, tolerance must be exercised.

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Robertico said:

Chapa is the Man!!! smile

I second that...nice post!

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Muy bonitas tus palabras chaparrito smile

Nos complace ver que realmente se nos ve como un foro diferente, con calidad propia gracias a las maravillosas lecciones de Paralee y con gran calidad humana, gracias a los maravillosos miembros de este forogrin

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