how to use ustedes in the correct way?

how to use ustedes in the correct way?


I need a little help with this conjugation chart. Do I use ustedes when talking about women, women and men, or just men.

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All of the above. Any group of people you happen to be talking to are Uds. Unless you are in Spain, in which case you would use 'vosotros' if you would individually address them as tú. - MacFadden, JUL 6, 2010
Vosotros/vosotras unlike ustedes does have gender forms. - 0074b507, JUL 6, 2010

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"Ustedes" is used for "you all" (plural) regardless of gender.

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"Ustedes" is used for "you all"

Or as we like to say here in the south: "Y'all!" cheese

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lol. Perfect! - --Mariana--, NOV 19, 2009
thanks a lot=D - ronljr1985, NOV 19, 2009

Vuestras is an ancient way, it is not used anymore but it is the most respectful way there is to say tu/usted. Vuestra merced it is not Your Grace, it is more like "You are my Master", because it was used to refer fathers (church) whom rule over my prehispanic olders in signal of submission. So, vuestra merced or vuestras mercedes it is always in signal of submission.

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"Your Grace" and "Your Graces" in England are used to refer to Royalty as well as the Father of the Church. I merely suggest for English speakers, this may be a memberable way to know when to use Usted and Ustedes. But the cultural perspective is great - Clackamas, JUL 6, 2010
Vuestra is an adjective and not a subject pronoun like vosotros(as) or usted. - 0074b507, JUL 6, 2010
"Your Grace" , "Your Graces" were used to address Royalty until Henry VIII, or until 1701 in Scotland. Now only used to address non-royal dukes & duchesses, or as Ecl. title, I believe. - peregrinamaria, JUL 6, 2010

I just read a little etymology on the words usted and ustedes...

They are abbreviations of the Spanish archaic expressions:

Vuestra merced -- Your Grace) Vuestras mercedes -- Your Graces)

That helps me remember them for formal use.

Anyway, I found this in "Beginning Spanish, Book 1" of the Living Language / Maximum Spanish kit.

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