Is there any other word for kissing in spanish?

Is there any other word for kissing in spanish?


Just wondering if the spanish people in spain use any other word besides Besos for kissing, kiss, and kisses?

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besotear, (Argentina)

besuquear (to kiss repeatedly) ,

besitos (meaning they touch cheeks while making a kissing noise with their lips)

imprimir un beso a (to imprint with kisses),

plantar un beso en (plant a kiss on);

Callate y besame (shut up and kiss me)

darse el pico (to give a bill or peak - similar to peck); (Colombia, Guatemala y México),

ósculo (formal);

mate (passionate kiss - Cuba slang)

Lata (French kiss - Venezuela slang)

comer a besos (eat you with kisses - comes from the sound of lips smacking)

chape: (beso en la boca – kiss on the mouth. - Peru slang)

jeringa: - (slang - Peru)

jetear: - (kiss - Peru slang)

Mucha—(Kiss - Ecuador slang)

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"Besuquear" is another word for "besar"...

Also "ósculo" is another word for "beso"...

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Well, i know in many languages there are phrases to describe the act of kissing...I would say probably you can say, "nos fuimos boca a boca".

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An example is in Hindi instead of staying "to kiss" they say "मुँह-से-मुँह को " which directly in english means "Mouth-to-mouth". - DJ_Huero, NOV 19, 2009

I think that beso or the diminutive besito are probably the most common way that you will ever here someone talk about a kiss, but there are a few other words that can be used to convey more or less the same thing:

ósculo - This word actually means kiss, but with the following words of caution. In English, there are similarly rooted words osculate (verb), osculation (noun). I think that it is safe to say that using words such as these to convey the meaning of the word *kiss come off just as pretentious or affected in English as they do in Spanish (Note that in literature this usage might be used facetiously)

besuquear - to neck or smother with kisses

besuqueos - smooches or passionate and repetitive kisses

If you mean in terms of idioms, then you will probably want to be careful about any direct translations. For example, if you wanted to say kiss of death then this could be directly translated to beso de la muerte, but translating something like kiss and make up would not have a direct translation into Spanish and could be said as borrón y cuenta nueva (wipe the slate clean and start fresh).

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