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Where do you find the varification code?


plz help me click on this

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posted by mistery001
Huh???? - 00494d19, NOV 17, 2009

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Hi Mistery001, welcome to the forum! If you are talking about the verification code for using your account it generally is sent to the email address you used to sign up for the site. Then the email should explain what to do next. Hope this helps wink

Also it is important to use correct spelling and grammar on this site since there are people who are trying to learn English. grin

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posted by Estefaníta
good one, estefa, I just thought the same thing;) - 00494d19, NOV 17, 2009

delete-addressed in another post.

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How could you vernture this guess?? - 00494d19, NOV 17, 2009
Because it's a commonly asked question and not everyone knows grammar terms. Seems that it was totally the wrong context, however. - 0074b507, NOV 17, 2009

alt textMisteryoo1:

It seems no-one here knows what you want. In order to help us to give you the information you need, we want you to read this page about entries here in the Forum. Please read this page ----> Forum Questions and Replies.

After you reead it, just open a new question and enter what you need in accordance with the customs and practices outlined in the link page.

Welcome to our learning community. We also have a welcome page that you should read, it is here ----> The Welcome Page.. We hope you enjoy the time you spend here and benefit from what we can share with you.

Best Regards,


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