Flashcards with mistakes

Flashcards with mistakes


Here is an example of a Flashcard set that should be corrected. I personally feel that all new Flashcard sets should be checked before they are posted.

Flashcard set

updated NOV 17, 2009
posted by 00515f39

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HI Mortimer, I tried to get the edit function on the sets, but that was not possible for some reason. In any case, I don'¡t know if I could have kept up with it, as there are so many mistakes on the user sets that I think it would have been impossible.

This is a warning before you open a set:

NOTE: SpanishDict cannot guarantee the accuracy of user-created flashcards.

And that is mainly it.

Before this new site was opened we took it upon ourselves to correct all existing flashcard sets please have a look at this thread.

But I am sorry to say that this was a useless task , nobody can imagine the amount of work....

I can still delete flashcard sets, if you should see a set with wild swearing or something, please let me know.

It is not recommendable to use the sets which were nor created by a well known user of this site.

updated NOV 17, 2009
posted by 00494d19
That's a shame, I was hoping that when I had 5000 points, I could correct some of the sets myself. - 00515f39, NOV 17, 2009
yeah, I wish... - 00494d19, NOV 17, 2009
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