More words regarding "rolling an aircraft"

More words regarding "rolling an aircraft"


Further to a previous post I have come up with the meaning of ALABEO as "Deformación momentánea del ala de un avión para compensar el efecto de la fuerza centrifuga durante un viraje." Viraje = cambiar de dirección en la marcha de un vehiculo.

GUIÑADA "Guiñada es el movimiento que realiza el avion en torno a su eje vertical.

CABACEO - no hay nada.

Also quite simply - una pirueta - which apparently is used to describe an aircraft rolling either in a straight line of flight or in a dive.

Hope this helps - why did I get involved in this one!

updated NOV 18, 2009
posted by caza

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I am grateful to Caja for her enquiries among her neighbours about the terms which I had previously suggested for "Pitch", "Roll" and "Yaw" which of course would only be of interest to fliers in the air (not on the ground) and sailors on the water (not docked, anchored or moored). Her reply prodded me to try to confirm what I had previously entered. I believe I have been able to confirm my statement. To repeat what I had said:

Pitch = Cabeceo
Roll = Alabeo
Yaw = Guiñado

I was able to find a Wikipedia page with animated illustrations to demonstrate what these terms mean. Here are the links:

In English = Yaw-Pitch-Roll, and
En español = Guiñado - Cabeceo - Alabeo.

Once again, many thanks to Caza for taking that extra step near her home.



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posted by Moe
You´re welcome and it´s good practice for me to try and ask about something a bit out of the ordinary. - caza, NOV 18, 2009

For those following this topic, here is a link to the previous thread where this topic was introduced ----> "Roll" an aircraft

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posted by Moe
Thanks for providing the link - my computer skills are pretty basic! - caza, NOV 16, 2009
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