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what does juana mean?


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updated NOV 13, 2009
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The story I received from my spanish teacher. Tiajuana. It is a (and please excuse the language) a bastardisation of Aunty Jane. When hard working mexican men came across the boarder to work in the fields of vegetables, picking and packaging etc. They found the price of beer too expensive in the estados unidos. They would slip back across the boarder to Aunti Janes hotel for the beer. Auntie= tia and Jane = juana. Hence we had a boarder town from the name of the auntie. Tiajuana. So pull the name of the town apart and you got Auntie Jane.

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updated NOV 13, 2009
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Now as for your question, the name Juana would be equivalent to "Jane"

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Thank you alosh:) - 00494d19, NOV 13, 2009

That means Jane in English.

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