when to use "la" and "el"

when to use "la" and "el"


why is "el sofá" correct and "la sofá" isn't?

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Because some things just are in a language. Even though it ends in an -a it is determined to be a masculine noun.

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Words that break the gender rule

el aroma — aroma

el Canadá — Canada

el clima — climate

el cólera — cholera (but la cólera, anger)

el cometa — comet (but la cometa, kite)

el cura — priest (but la cura, cure)

el día — day

el diagrama — diagram

el dilema — dilemma

el diploma — diploma

la disco — disco (short for la discoteca)

el drama — drama

el enigma — enigma

el esquema — outline, diagram

la foto — photo (short for la fotografía)

el guardia — policeman or male guard (but la guardia, vigilance)

el guía — male guide (but la guía, guidebook or female guide)

el idioma — language

el idiota — male idiot (but la idiota, female idiot)

el indígena — indigenous male (but la indígena,

indigenous female)

la mano — hand

el mapa — map

la modelo — female model (but el modelo, male model)

el morfema — morpheme

la moto — motorcycle (short for la motocicleta)

el panorama — panorama, outlook

el papa — the pope (but la papa, potato)

el poema — poem

el policía — policeman (but la policía, police force or policewoman)

el planeta — planet

el problema — problem

el programa — program

el quechua — Quechua language

la radio — radio (short for la radiodifusión; but el radio, radius or radium; usage of the feminine form depends on the region)

el reuma, el reúma — rheumatism

la reo — female criminal (but el reo, male criminal)

el síntoma — symptom, sign

el sistema — system

el sofá — sofa

la soprano — female soprano (but el soprano, male soprano)

el tanga — G-string

el teorema — theorem

el telegrama — telegram

el tema — theme, subject

la testigo — female witness (but el testigo, male witness)

el tranvía — streetcar

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