Great "Popup" Reminder Download

Great "Popup" Reminder Download


A lot of people know all about computers and so what I am saying now may well be quite boring!

I wanted a "popup" to remind me when it is someone's birthday. This little thing is great. It is free, and it works. I am surprised that I did not konw that this sort of thing existed!

EZ Note

updated NOV 12, 2009
posted by 00515f39
Most email providers, IM's and social websites will remind you of friend's birthdays if they or you have entered the data. - Even some of the e-greeting cards provide that service. - 0074b507, NOV 12, 2009
I didn't know that, but what about dental appointments etc? - 00515f39, NOV 12, 2009

1 Answer


Good widget Mortimerfran...

updated NOV 12, 2009
posted by Carlos-F
You see, I learnt something new. I didn't know it was called a widget! - 00515f39, NOV 12, 2009
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