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how do you say "hit a single" in baseball?


I'm trying to do a project where we show and describe three scenes from a ball game, and my game of choice was baseball. The only problem is, I don't know all of the vocabulary, and using a different scene won't go with the real game.

updated NOV 12, 2009
posted by jjjmb

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A lot of the words in baseball are the same in English and in Spanish.

To hit a single is: batear un sencillo or bateo un hit. a double un doblete, a triple un triple, a home run un quadrangular and also home run.

Pitcher is lanzador, catcher is receptor, Primera base, segunda base, tercera base, home.

Jardinero Izquierdo, Jardinero central, jardinero derecho --- left, centre and right field players.

El guante, la pelota, la mascota (catcher's mitt), mascotín (first baseman's glove), el bate.

updated NOV 12, 2009
posted by 0068e2f4
thanks! that was really helpful - jjjmb, NOV 12, 2009
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