Is the word chaqueta to mean jacket offensive in Mexican Spanish?

Is the word chaqueta to mean jacket offensive in Mexican Spanish?


We have a product in which a chamber is surrounded by another chamber. The surrounding chamber is referred to as the jacket. We are translating the user manual for this product into Spanish. The product also uses third party software that can display in Spanish; we cannot change the software. The software uses the word chaqueta for jacket. The translator tells us that chaqueta can be offensive in Mexican Spanish; she prefers the word camisa. So, given the fact that the software cannot be changed, is the word chaqueta SO offensive that a Mexican customer would be offended, or would a Mexican customer be able to get beyond its offensive connotation? Thanks in advance.

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In Mexico, most of us have this way of talking using words with double meanings within friends to joke around or to mess with them. Chaqueta can be easily translated to Jacket but, as someone mentioned before, it can also be associated to masturbation. In my opinion the software will give the user a couple of laughs and jokes around the office but it'll get old after a while. Now if you prefer to change it use the word Chamarra which is a synonym and has no underlying meaning.

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Great answer advenio! =) - DJ_Huero, ABR 28, 2011

I you are referring to something like a heat exchanger with an inner or outer shell you can use

Forro exterior or interior or casco

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I think that he mentions that he can not change the wording. He just wants to know how offensive it is or will it be understood from context and not be offensive. - 0074b507, ABR 28, 2011
Just an option Q no issue - pacofinkler, ABR 28, 2011


(De jaqueta).

  1. f. Prenda exterior de vestir, con mangas y abierta por delante, que cubre el tronco.

  2. f. Méx. masturbación.

  3. f. Ven. cazadora (? chaqueta corta y ajustada a la cadera).

cambiar de, o la, ~.

  1. locs. verbs. coloqs. chaquetear (? cambiar de bando o partido).

sacar ~.

  1. loc. verb. coloq. Cuba. Crear una situación que produzca una riña o un enfrentamiento con alguien.

tener ~ con alguien.

  1. loc. verb. coloq. Cuba. Discutir o reñir.

volver la ~.

  1. loc. verb. coloq. cambiar de chaqueta.

? V.

traje de chaqueta

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" Chaqueta " is also used to refer to masturbation.

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you are thinking of chaquitear =p - rockdown667, JUL 15, 2010

No, the word "chaqueta" is not offensive in Mexico.

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Generally no, pero en la calle, sí. ;-) - DJ_Huero, ABR 28, 2011
Hola, Msci. Since this post I have learned that it's best to say "chamarra" in Mexico when referring to a "jacket." - --Mariana--, ABR 28, 2011
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