Some pronunciation questions

Some pronunciation questions


Hello! First post! I have some pronunciation questions.

I'm sure this will be very basic, but in class we've moved far beyond pronunciation and I don't want to look like a dolt. Just something I never picked up on fully. Firstly, how do you pronounce qué differently from que? Cómo as opposed to como? I don't know how to stress those sounds.

Also, is "ll" pronounced like a "juh" or a "yuh". My Spanish teacher says "juh", but I haven't heard that anywhere else.

Thanks for answering.

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posted by TheSilentHero
Thanks all I'd accept both your answers if I could. - TheSilentHero, NOV 11, 2009

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Hi and welcome to the forum,

Well for the first two, you are in luck. They are pronounced the same way. The accent marks in cómo and qué merely signify that you are asking a question.

For "ll" both pronunciations are correct depending on where you are. Some countries like Spain and Argentina tend to use the "juh" sound.

I hope you find this helpful, Nicole

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posted by Nicole-B

There is no difference in the pronunciation of qué and que or como and cómo.

The accents are only used to differenciate them when writing. The ones with accents are used when forming questions. For all other uses, there is no need to use the accent marks.

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