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what is the difference between soy and estoy?


when would you use estoy instead of soy?

updated NOV 10, 2009
posted by Mike4555

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alt textMike4555:

I have tried to collect all the SpanishDict Reference materials into one location. You may read and study them all by following this link ----> Ser vs Estar.

I hope you will take the time to read them in the order I've presented them and that they will be a big help to you in understanding how these two verbs are used.



updated NOV 10, 2009
posted by Moe
nice summary Moe - nizhoni1, NOV 10, 2009

Hi Mike, and welcome to the forum.

Estoy is the verb estar.

Soy is the verb ser.

You can learn about the uses of those here.

And I invite you to try the search box at the top of our Answers section to easily find these things for yourself.

¡Buena suerte!

updated NOV 10, 2009
posted by Goyo
Hi Mike...the question might seem innocent enought, but you really opened a big can of worms. I would follow Goyo's suggestion and click on the link. There is also another reference article written by Paralee available in the reference section - Izanoni1, NOV 10, 2009

Hey Mike! When you get to Lesson 1.11 in the Learn Spanish section of this site you'll get a really good explanation related to your question. It is a concept that is a bit difficult to grasp as English speakers, but I'm sure you'll get it. wink

updated NOV 10, 2009
posted by chaparrito

soy would have to be location

and estoy would be feelings and ect..

ex: you soy de Bosnia

I am from bosnia

ex: estoy feliz

I am happy.

updated NOV 10, 2009
posted by Lamija
Good try Lamija, but there is a bit more to it than that...you might try the link posted by Goyo. It's very informative. - Izanoni1, NOV 10, 2009
Oh thank you, I'm still learning for myself.I'm a freshman taking spanish 2 at our school and i find this website very informative and people like yourself. Thank you again :) - Lamija, NOV 10, 2009
No problem...I see that you have tried some of the video lessons. If you stick with them and not rush through them they can really help with your learning. There are many reference articles available here that can help you with your grammar as well. - Izanoni1, NOV 10, 2009
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