How To Congrugate(sp)[Conjugate?] 'Parar'?

How To Congrugate(sp)[Conjugate?] 'Parar'?


I Was Veiwing A Flash Card And They Used Paren And I Also Know Of Pare But Why Is It Parar And Not Parer...So The Conjugation Will Be Nice=]

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Hey Chris! Easy on the 'shift' key! ;-) In English only the _first_ word of a sentence (and a few others) are capitalized. ;-) - chaparrito, NOV 9, 2009
Lol Its A Bad Habbit, I Just Really Like How It Looks...Thankfully I Don't Realy Write Like This =] - ChrisDierxoxo, NOV 9, 2009

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Welcome to the Forum Chris!

Here's a neat trick on this website. Double-click on nearly any word, and a little blue box will pop up with a suggested definition. Then click on that box and it takes you to a page with the definition. If it is a verb, then you will see all the common conjugations at the bottom.

Also, try the MORE link at the top of the page and look for Conjugation.

I hope this helps! smile

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Thanx Muchas=] - ChrisDierxoxo, NOV 9, 2009

Are you suggesting that the conjugation for the verb parar (parer) should be like this:

Yo pare Tu pares El pare Nosotros paremos Vosotros pareis Ellos paren

It sounds nice, but that would be too close to the verb parir (to give birth).

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Umm...No I Don't Think So:S...I Just Want Clarification On How It Is Conjugated....But Thanks Anyways=] - ChrisDierxoxo, NOV 9, 2009
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