Which Spanish-speaking country has the best weather?

Which Spanish-speaking country has the best weather?


Mi experienca en esos paises está poquita limitada, pero en mi opinión, la clima mas mejor está en las montañas del centro de México. Mucho sol, cielos azueles oscuros, mas veces fresca, y con poquito humidad, o viento o caliente.

!De hecho, la clima allá está ideal!

My experience in those countries is a bit limited, but in my opinion, the best weather is in the mountains of central Mexico. Much sun, deep blue skies, most times cool and with little humidity, or wind or heat.

In fact, the climate there is ideal!

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Santiago Chile has a great climate, we had frost only 2 mornings all winter and lots of warm 18-22* C days during the winter. We only have air conditioning in the car for summer. Our apartment cools just fine with only a fan. The skiing and beach are just 1 hour away.

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Oh, now, that sounds perfect! - --Mariana--, NOV 9, 2009

So, although I enjoy warm weather, I don't want to live somewhere where I will never see snow

I'm the opposite. I love warm weather and have never lived in snow country for an extended period. I would have no problem with never seeing snow again.

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Me neither - the hotter the better! - 00515f39, NOV 9, 2009
I used to live in the outback in Australia, and I've had enough of that extreme as well. The worst is humidity. I can't imagine living someplace like Detroit where it is misertably humid in the summer and miserably cold in the winter. - lorenzo9, NOV 9, 2009

The answer to your questios is, of course, purely subjective to what climate someone prefers. I, for example, love snow. I remember a time when I was in Argentina (Buenos Aires) where the temperature was near freezing and I went outside and noticed a small white pile of something on the sidewalk. It had been almost a year since I had seen snow, so, I ran over to it, touched it, and was then sorely disappointed.

I then learned that sidewalks are privately owned (at least generally speaking) and people wash their own sidewalks. What I touched were soap suds. Someone had been washing their sidewalk.

So, although I enjoy warm weather, I don't want to live somewhere where I will never see snow.

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New Year's day, there is a tradition in Buenos Aires for all the offices to throw their waste paper out of the window. In the downtown area, it is an incredible sight - a very high temperature and the streets looking like it has snowed. - 00515f39, NOV 9, 2009

Hi Carlo grin

I loved the winter weather in Oaxaca -- cool in the morning and evenings, but warm in the afternoons.

The September weather in Mérida, Yúcatan was much too humid for me.

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De aquerdo. Viví en Oaxaca para 6 meses. Loved everything about it, especially Monte Alban and other ruins. (The moles were terrific, too.) - 005457e3, NOV 9, 2009
That's great! I liked it so much that I'm going back for the month of January. - --Mariana--, NOV 9, 2009

Para mí, son las montañas de Jarabacoa, Republica Dominicana. Estas son las montañas más altas del Caribe.

I have not been to all of the Spanish speaking countries that I have dreamed about visiting yet, but I have been to several places where the weather is extremely hot and humid.

So recently, we visited the highest mountains in the Caribbean, in Jarabacoa, DR and found them to be an extremely comfortable place to be. When you first arrive in Santiago and leave the airport, the heat and humidity hit you right in the face as you leave the airport. But after an hour or so driving up into the mountains, the climate change is amazing. It is very comfortable sleeping at night without air-conditioning. The days are usually sunny and moderately warm. If it rains, it is only for a rather short time. It is an excellent place to visit, especially if you enjoy hiking, waterfalls, etc.

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