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What is second person singular?


When I am reading my studies it may put it in the second singular. What does that mean in Spanish ?

updated NOV 16, 2009
posted by Elwood-Waters

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In grammar, the word person refers to how the subject of a sentence relates to the conversation.

  • 1st person is the person/thing doing the talking (I, we / yo, nosotros).
  • 2nd person is the person/thing who is being talked to (you / tu, vosotros)
  • 3rd person is the person/thing who is being talked about (he, they / él, ellos )

Whether a person is singular or plural depends on whether there is one or more than one involved. Words like I/yo are first person singular, whereas words like we/nosotros are first person plural.

Hope this helps.

updated NOV 16, 2009
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I guess I should mention that the verb form can change based on the person, and this is called conjugation. - webdunce, NOV 9, 2009
Thank you, I wil have study and remember - Elwood-Waters, NOV 9, 2009

It means it is talking to you as a singluar person. For example, you are reading this post right now.

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posted by mctague

There is a very complete explanation of all the 1st, 2nd and 3rd person singular and plural personal pronouns on one of our references pages.

"Click" here for the full explanation ----> First, Second,Third Person

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posted by Moe

also known as tú/usted (informal/formal).

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posted by zenejero
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