Help with direct objects and direct object pronouns

Help with direct objects and direct object pronouns


Alright, well, my book does not it explain it at all that well. This is a big part of the homework so I was wondering if someone could interpret this ifirst one and tell me step by step what to do.The first part is the directions.

The Gómez family is taking a trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Rewrite the sentences, changing the underlined direct object nouns to direct object pronouns.(directions)

Toda la familia hace las maletas.

"Las maletas" is the underlinded part of the sentence.How do I change it??

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"Las maletas" is the direct object. The family is packing what? The family is packing the suitcases. The direct object pronoun that goes with "las maletas" is "las".

I'm pretty sure you can rewrite it as "Toda la familia las hace.", but I don't know if that sounds natural.

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