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I'm going to Guatemala and would like to know some questions/conversation starters to use. I need some for all ages...

  • preschool
  • early elementary [1st-3rd]
  • older elementary [4th-6th]
  • jr. high-highschool
  • college age/adult

Anything will be useful, thanks,


updated NOV 8, 2009
posted by aubreyk

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hi!. . .¡hola!

pleased to meet you! ......¡mucho gusto!

many thanks!, thank you very much!. . .¡muchas gracias!

good morning! . . .¡buenos dias!

good evening!, good night!. . .¡buenas noches!

good afternoon! . . .¡buenas tardes!

OK! . . .¡vale!

great!. . .¡qué bien!

good luck!. . .¡suerte!, ¡buena suerte!

see you soon!. . .¡hasta la vista!

updated NOV 8, 2009
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posted by --Mariana--

Hi Aubrey, when you are now starting the Spanish language you will learn greetings and salutations. For example "Bienvenido" means welcome and it agrees with the gender of the person so if you are referring to a group of women you would say for example "Bienvenidas a Caracas!" which means welcome to Caracas other expressions commonly used are

Hola-Hi ¡Qué alegría!-How delightful! Mucho gusto-It's a pleasure or nice to meet you ¡Qué bien!-How great ¡Chévere!-Great! or cool! ¡Estupendo!-Wonderful! ¿Cómo te llamas?-What is your name? Me llamo...-My name is... Este es mi amigo....-This is my friend.... ¿Qué tal?-How are things? ¿Cómo estas?-How are you? Estoy feliz-I am happy Estoy triste-I am sad Estoy regular-I am ok ¿Cuál es tu nacionalidad?-What is your nationality ¿De dónde eres?-Where are you from? Soy de Guatemala-I am from Guatemala These are basically used in conversation

updated NOV 8, 2009
posted by la_traviesa
thank you!! it's super helpful! C: - aubreyk, NOV 8, 2009

Hi Aubrey. Welcome to the forum grin

There is a video lesson called Greetings and Introductions. Maybe that will help?

updated NOV 8, 2009
posted by --Mariana--
thanks a ton, i'll check it out. C: - aubreyk, NOV 8, 2009
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