How do you say 'banjo'?

How do you say 'banjo'?


Just doing lesson 4.12 and two words are without audio. One is 'banjo'. Same word in English, but how is it pronounced in Spanish?

I know from the rules it would be 'banho' (to an English person) but there are a number of imported words which keep their pronunciation, so I wondered if this was one?

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posted by Jespa
Great question! - --Mariana--, NOV 8, 2009
Thank you! I thought the audio *would* have to be missing for that one - it wouldn't have mattered for any of the others! - Jespa, NOV 8, 2009

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When I looked " banjo" up in the Real Academia Española it sent me to ...


(Del ingl. banjo, de bandore, y este quizá del esp. bandurria).

  1. m. Instrumento musical de cuerda que se compone de una caja de resonancia redonda cubierta por una piel tensada, un mástil largo con trastes y un número variable de cuerdas que se hacen sonar con los dedos o con púa.
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Thanks Marianne! Now, is that -yo or -jo? :-) - Jespa, NOV 8, 2009
Toco mi banyo en el baño? - aloshek, NOV 8, 2009

I'm gonna make up a symbol for that gargly k/h sound that Spanish makes for j or for g....let's see...kh will work.


Just take the jo from José and make that sound after ban.

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Oh, wait, you wanna know if it keeps its English pronunciation...I dunno. - webdunce, NOV 8, 2009

banjo, pronounced banho, according to yahoo


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