volver and regresar

volver and regresar


what is the difference between volver and regresar since both mean to come back or to return?

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There is one main difference, the verb volver can be used as an auxiliary and regresar cannot. In the rest of cases they are practically interchangable.

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Although each word has its own meanings for the most part they are synonyms. If you look next to "regresar" you will see one of the meanings says "volver" next to it. You know what's weird though......the first meaning for regresar has "yendo" and "veniendo" next to it. Those are the gerunds for ir and venir. I wonder why THAT is. I guess going and coming are sort of like returning. At any rate, knowing a lot of synonyms is a good thing. Here's an example in English: "The light outside is providing a lot of illumination." What if I said "The light outside is providing a lot of light"? That doesn't sound as good does it? Synonyms are good.

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Go up by the Spanishdict logo and type these words in (one at a time) and it will give you a lot of info on each word.

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