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I was just wondering if anyone could possibly help me conjugate the verb in either pretirete or imperfect ( you have to decide which one to use, and i will bold the verb! ) and then after the dots .. i need a word or two to finish the sentence (: here we goo ..

2)El ano (enyay over the n) pasado/las obreras/construir/ ......

3)Tu(accent over the u) caerse durante el partido de ... / el miercoles pasado. (accent of the e)

4)En la actualidad/nosotros/oir(accent over the i)/ ..... en la salon de espanol.

5)Yo/leer/ ...../ anteayer.

6)'creer/ustedes/que la clase de ingles estuvo muy ..... /ayer?

7) ...../destruir/la cuidad Miami/ la semana pasada.

8)Siempre/yo/caerse/cuando ....

--If someone could email me ASAP that'd be great(: remember all of the dots (....) need a word there to complete the sentences and then all of the bold words are the verbs that need to be conjegated thank you so muchhh!!!--

updated ABR 1, 2008
posted by Lindzie

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thank youuuu.

updated ABR 1, 2008
posted by Lindzie
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