¿Que tienes?

¿Que tienes?


Not long ago, a friend noticed that I my mood was a bit "down."

He asked, ¿Que tienes?"

Is this an idiom meaning "What's wrong?"

It must be, because once I asked a vendor "¿Que tienes?" when I should have asked "¿Que vende?"

updated NOV 7, 2009
posted by 005457e3

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¿Qué (problema) tienes? --- ¿Qué te pasa? (this question in some countries is aggressive, but it also depends on your tone of voice. In Honduras it would be interpreted as aggressive 90% of the time.) ¿Cómo te sientes? --- How do you feel? is the safe alternative.

¿Qué tiene el (niño)? --- What's the matter with...?

¿Qué tienes (para vender)? --- What are you selling?

These are short phrases universally known, that are interpreted depending on the place or situation we are in. Nothing uncommon or colloquial or anything like that.

updated NOV 7, 2009
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Very helpful. Muchisima gracias. - 005457e3, NOV 7, 2009
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