Conjugator for Verbs - How to Use It

Conjugator for Verbs - How to Use It


...............How to Use Our Verb Conjugator...........................
In the Blue Menu Bar at the top of the screen, you will see these “Tabs”:
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1. “Click” on the “More” tab
2. A drop-down menu will present itself
3. On that drop-down menu, “click” on “Conjugation”
4. There is a wide (but not tall) window, with subdued printing, which says “Enter a Spanish Verb Infinitive”.
5. Where it is indicated to do it, enter the verb you want conjugated.
6. Press the “Enter” key, or, “click” on the orange “Conjugate” button
7. A chart of the verb tenses for that verb will appear on the screen.

If you still have a question after you have done this, "click" on Ask a Question in the forum and enter your question as a new question. Someone will try to help you

updated NOV 10, 2009
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Not a question but a suggestion. SpanishDict is my favorite site for everything other than the conjugator simply because I'm not a grammar expert. While it's nice to know that the Future Perfect of comer is habré comido, there is another site that additionally gives the english example of " will have eaten". That one example makes it far easier for me to find the correct conjugate. Add examples and you'll have me for life.

(edit) Just to clarify, I'm not bashing this site or advocating another site. Yo quiero a SpanishDict.com I was just suggesting an idea that would enhance the already valuable tools here.

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Jacob - Personally, I have saved at least 2 other conjugators as favourite for pretty much the same reason. At the very bottom of the screen is a feedback button. Try that. You never know who might listen. - Moe, NOV 6, 2009
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