Help with que.

Help with que.


Why would you use the word que in this sentence.

Ella dijo que sí. o Dijo que sí.

I said Ella dijo sí, and was corrected, But they could not explain why que had to be there.

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Hola Cyndee:

Whenever you have someone saying something in the preterit with "decir" you need that "que" in there, so it looks like the following:

Dije que no (I said no)

*Dijiste que no (You said no)

Dijo que si (She/he/usted said yes)

Dijimos que si (We said yes)

Dijeron que si (They said yes)

So just think of "decir + que" as a phrase rather than two separate words.

updated NOV 6, 2009
posted by --Mariana--
Thank you Marianne, You just gave me understanding. I don't know why, but this was so hard for me. - 0021954c, NOV 6, 2009
Not just the preterite. It can be pretty much any tense. - samdie, NOV 6, 2009

HI cyndee, I am not the best on grammar I must admit, but this is an indirect statemente and the que needs to be there, like in English "that" (which is not normally mentioned)

He said: Yes. I am going.

He confirmed that he was going.

My students would say: He said that yes, he was going. Very typical Spanish structure.


Dijo: Sí, voy.

Dijo que sí, que iba.

updated NOV 6, 2009
posted by 00494d19
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