Where do you use these words? Encantada/Encantado?


I tried to use encantada / encantado in Guatemala and I don't think it is understood as nice to meet you for a male or female. I was told that it means "enchanted"? Are these words commonly used? If so, where are they used.

updated NOV 6, 2009
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Estoy encantado de conocerle. --- Yes this is very commonly used. It means I'm glad to meet you.

This phrase is used practically everywhere where Spanish is spoken. Can you write the sentence that you used for this greeting?

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Awesome, thank you for the help. So I just needed a little more to be understood correctly? Or is this one of those regional words that is only understood in certain places?
Not regional. This is a very polite way to greet somebody.
Awesome, Thank you for the clarification.
When I was in Guatemala I knew very little Spanish so I just said Encantada / Encantado, and I thought it would mean "nice to meet you".
Basically that's what it means

Hi Star. Just to expand on what Robertico said....

A woman would say "encantada" when introduced to someone new. (Delighted to meet you).

A man would say "encantado" (I'm delighted).

This expression is not regional -- it should be understood everywhere you go. grin

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Yeah, you are right I should have been more specific. My only defense for this oversight is that glad and delighted are synonyms.
Ok, cool I thought it was encantada if you are talking to a woman and encantado if you are talking to a man. Maybe that is why the Guatamalans looked at me funny when I said encantada...
To further clarify I am a man so I never need to say encantada? It is encantado anytime I meet anyone male or female?
Yes, a man would say encantado Encantado de conocerlo. O encantado de conocerla if he is greeting a woman