Spanish version of Perdue ad

Spanish version of Perdue ad


"It takes a strong man to make a tender chicken," was translated into Spanish as "it takes an aroused man to make a chicken affectionate." This was an ad for Perdue chicken.

Can anybody provide the original Spanish version of this ad? Better yet, a photo? I am looking for a joke to use in my Spanish class.

updated NOV 5, 2009
posted by cykler
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I am convinced the original ad does not exist on the internet. I extensively searched for it. If you find it, let us know I'd love to see it.

It was even hard to find the original translation used. I found a couple different supposed translations for the original "spanish" so I don't know if any of them was the actual text, but the most common was:

Hace falta un tipo duro para hacer un pollo despierto

I ran that above "supposed original phrase" through the machine translator here, and got 3 Different results:

It takes a tough guy to make a chicken awake

It causes lacks a hard type to do an awake chicken

A hard type makes lack to make a chicken wide-awake

I guess for your joke you could photoshop the phrase onto an existing chicken ad..

Oh yeah for your reference this is one of the sites I found a translation on:

Publicidad Internacional

updated NOV 5, 2009
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