Wednesday Nov. 4: El Mundo de Beakman

Wednesday Nov. 4: El Mundo de Beakman


Ok so this is the show that I have chosen for us to watch this week. It looks like a science type show similar to "Bill Nye the Science Guy". I think there will be some good words and phrases in here, and we shouldn't have to deal with any police jargon etc.. that would make learning more cumbersome. It's split into two parts and each part is 10 minutes long.

first part second part

Youtube wasn't my first choice. If you are having trouble with the video stuttering then hit the pause button and allow the video to buffer for a few minutes.

If anyone is interested in a "Spanime" club send me a message and we'll see if we can work something out. There appears to be a lot of anime in Spanish.

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Beakman's World!! I love that show (and so do my kids!!) smile Thanks jeezzle, nice choice!

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