Tech question on using the lesson one.


Program will not let me go from "watch" to the next step "recognize". It tells me lesson is not available and to go to flash cards. This is in lesson one. Am I missing some add in program? Dickb

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Best to post this on the Website Questions and Feedback forum, not the Vocabulary & Grammar forum.

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posted by Stobber
Not really, because it is not a fault.

Hi dickb

You do need to see the flashcards after watch because they are relevant to all the following sections. Once you have finished watch you click on the box below which says continue to flashcards. By doing this it also registers your 100 points for the watch section. Once you have done the flashcards, the programme will direct you to each of the following sections ie, recognise, listen, recall, write and then speak.

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Hi Dick,

The scenario you are describing seems unclear to me. So let me show you what should be happening, and then you can compare it with your experience.

When you finish the video, you should get the following screen:

End of Video

See the big, green button at the bottom that says, "Continue to Flashcards"? You should click that. And it should take you to the next screen-

Start of Recognize

Here the top green button "Begin Flashcards" is the one you want.

Now, which part of that seems to be malfunctioning for you?

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I believe he is trying to go straight from watch to recognise.