what is a four letter word for eraser in spanish?

what is a four letter word for eraser in spanish?


The sentence says "Found on a pencil. Ued to erase: la _____" It has to be a four letter word.

updated NOV 3, 2009
posted by menifeegal96

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Answer your own question by typing "eraser" into the dictionary at the top of this page. I am presuming you are a student, and I am sure that your textbook also has a vocabulary list.

updated NOV 3, 2009
posted by mountaingirl123
I tried this, but there were no four letter words. - menifeegal96, NOV 3, 2009
the answer is there; just take the first word which is 4 letters - mountaingirl123, NOV 3, 2009
In the Spanishdict dictionary there is! :) - Valerie, NOV 3, 2009
i didn't know if goma would be right, because it meant rubber, but I'll give it a try. Thank you. - menifeegal96, NOV 3, 2009
Yes, it is correct. You can also say "goma de borrar", but "goma" is just as common. - mountaingirl123, NOV 3, 2009
Thanks very much, you've been a big help - menifeegal96, NOV 3, 2009
My pleasure - "el gusto es mio" - mountaingirl123, NOV 3, 2009

Look up pencil eraser on the site and ask to see if it's right. That's how things fly around here...People don't answer others' homework questions. Post your attempt, and we'll then help you. Trust me on this, I've seen it a lot....

updated NOV 3, 2009
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posted by sarahjs
Thanks so much, I'll try that and see if it works - menifeegal96, NOV 3, 2009
oh, I mean i know that goma is a four letter word for rubber, i just didn't know if that would be correct for a pencil eraser - menifeegal96, NOV 3, 2009
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