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What do you think is the coolest/best branch of the military? And why? I personnaly like the Marines, because they are totally kick@$$ and are "built Marine tough".

updated NOV 2, 2009
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posted by HOOAH
I'm not sure what this question has to do with vocabulary or grammar. You might want to post these types of questions under general discussions - Izanoni1, NOV 2, 2009

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I am in the Army National Guard. I was Active Duty in the Army several years ago. Sixty per-cent of all prior sevice members in the National Guard are former Marines. I am lucky enough to be serving with Marines here in Iraq.

As far a Baddness goes..... Air Force actually has the Baddest Warriors out there. The PJs. Then the Combat Controllers.

Next Would be Army Delta Force and Special Forces about equal with the SeALs from the Navy.

The Marines have the F.A.S.T. teams which are the lowest on the hooah scale but no less up there with the big dogs.

My advice is go with what you want. If you want to be a Marine then go for it.

updated OCT 29, 2010
posted by Seitheach
Straight from the horses mouth...gets my vote - Izanoni1, NOV 2, 2009

Definitely Marines!! smile

updated NOV 2, 2009
posted by hlsbookworm

I am Canadian (who knew?)

I won't degrade your discussion with a foreign opinion. I just want to say that as a boy, growing up immediately after the 2nd world war, the movies I saw in Canada led me to believe that the U.S. Marines must have had all the best business promoters, advertisers and spin doctors in America working for the marines. I was in my late teens before I even realized there was a U.S Army Corp.

Just an observation and not an opinion one way or the other as it applies to today's American forces.

updated NOV 2, 2009
posted by Moe
The Marines actually win awards every year for advertisements. - Seitheach, NOV 2, 2009
Also the Army has several Corps in it. I am currently serving under III Corps. - Seitheach, NOV 2, 2009

Me gustan los marines sobre todo.

updated NOV 2, 2009
posted by Rey_Mysterio
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