Romantic Phrases and words

Romantic Phrases and words


My BF and I wanna start speaking spanish to eachother since we live in two different place. (Im in Ohio, he's in Texas).

He's taking spanish and is very good at it, While Im still learning.

We wanna say cute (or romantic/sexy) phrases to each other when we talk.

Any advice???

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just use the dialogue from Little Red Riding Hood (La caperucita roja) and translate it to Spanish.

You --- Mi amor, que manos mas grandes tu tienes!

Him --- Para tocarte mejoooor!

You --- Mi amor, que dientes mas grandes tu tienes!

Him --- Para morderte mejoooor!

You --- Mi amor, que boca mas grande tu tienes!

Him --- Para comerte mejooor!

You get the idea.

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Te recomiendo que escuches música latina para unas ideas. Es bien romántica.

Por ejemplo, He aprendido: Eres la luz de mi corazón, Estoy enamorado(a) de ti, Te quiero, Te amo, Te deseo, etcétera.

También en español hay muchas palabras que significan "honey, dear, baby."

Nena, Linda, Querida, Corazón, Mi vida, Mi cielo, Mi alma, el hombre/la mujer de mi vida

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Oh and I forgot one that every woman loves to be called: Mi Reina. - 003487d6, NOV 2, 2009
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