Van a asistir al partido de baloncesto

Van a asistir al partido de baloncesto


Is this sentences grammaticality correct? Thank you in advance.

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posted by zerolocked

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You asked "Okay, so elaborate on the "Van". "

Interestingly, I just completed a reply to a different question on this same subject. Robertico is suggesting that the subject of the statement is not clear since the sentence appears in isolation with no antecedent reference point. Keep in mind that "van" is the third person plural present tense of the verb "ir".

Con permiso, Robertico, I'll quote from my recently completed reply found here as follows:
In my view, there is possibly (sometimes) doubt when using the 3rd person singular and plural as to who is the person being spoken about and in those tenses it may be necessary to use the personal pronouns.

I believe what Robertico is suggesting is that you include ustedes, ellos or ellas in your sentence for greater certainty as to who is the subject.

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I think that you mean "ustedes, ellos and ellas" - Izanoni1, NOV 1, 2009
Hoo, hoo! You're right. I zigged when I should have zagged. I'll edit to change it. Thanks for the correction. - Moe, NOV 1, 2009

Yes, but it sounds incomplete. Better say "Ellos van...or something like that.

Unless you turn it into a question "¿Van a asistir al partido de baloncesto?"

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Okay, so elaborate on the "Van". Thank you. - zerolocked, NOV 1, 2009
"Ellos van a asistir al partido de baloncesto" - 0068e2f4, NOV 1, 2009
Ustedes van a asistir al partido de baloncesto. - 0068e2f4, NOV 1, 2009

Apparently it is.

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posted by Malenor
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