What would be the correct way to Write "Lessons Learned from an Incredible Hispanic Lady"?


I am learning to "speak and write" Spanish. Also, I am documenting the incredible helpfulness I have encountered, in almost every interaction, with the Hispanic people of my community. As a physician, I have decided that it is unconscionable for me to neglect my neighbors simply because we speak a different language. It is MY goal to enlighten my colleagues and expand the exchange of ideas that each of us possess. Oh, by the way... I didn't want to ask "mi nueva amiga" to assist me in my description of HER. I "believe" it would have been embarrassing to her. Thank you for your assistance y Que Dios le Bendiga.

updated NOV 1, 2009
posted by DocovRach

1 Answer


Lecciónes aprendidos de una increible dama hispanica.

updated NOV 1, 2009
posted by kanani142