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Slightly confused.....


I'm just slightly confused as to how I should write out this sentence:

It (an object) really opened my eyes as to the true vision of beauty.

I've tried all sorts of combinations, but I just don't know. Can anyone help at all??

updated NOV 1, 2009
posted by Seb79

1 Answer


This is a straightforward "cut and paste" into the translator,

Realmente me abrió los ojos en cuanto a la verdadera visión de la belleza,

updated NOV 1, 2009
posted by 00515f39
Is that the correct translation?? - Seb79, NOV 1, 2009
It looks good to me. If it is not, for sure someone will post to say so. - 00515f39, NOV 1, 2009
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