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They could've avoided any problems


How do you say: They could've avoided any problems.

I thought it would be OK to say 'Habrían podido evitar cualquier problemas.'

the machine turns this out though: Se podría haber evitado los problemas

Which one should i use, or are they both OK?

I thought to say 'could've' you had to use habría podido. ? thanks

updated OCT 30, 2009
posted by trick112

2 Answers


Se podían haber evitado algunos problemas (some problems)/cualquier problemas (any problems).

updated OCT 30, 2009
posted by Issabela
cualquier problema (sing). - samdie, OCT 30, 2009

I would be more inclined to use the singular 'problema' here, as it sounds more Spanish: "Habrían podido evitar cualquier problema" (lit. "they could have avoided any problem), or "se podía haber evitado cualquier problema", if you want to make it impersonal (any problem could have been avoided).

updated OCT 30, 2009
posted by nathanvictor
just to say, out of those two, i think the impersonal "se podía..." sounds better - nathanvictor, OCT 30, 2009
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