Spanish Trivia I

Spanish Trivia I


I found this Spanish Trivia quiz and thought it would be fun:

  1. Which African country has Spanish as an official language? Ghana Cameroon Equatorial Guinea

  2. According to the Guinness record book, how many letters does the longest Spanish word have? 22 29 42

  3. Which U.S. state has Spanish as an official language? California New Mexico Texas

  4. Who translated the most popular Spanish Bible? Reina and Valera Rey Diego Juan Olvideros

  5. Charles V said he spoke Spanish when speaking to whom? his horse his wife God

  6. Approximately what percentage of the world's Spanish-speaking population lives in the United States? 5 9 14

  7. Which language is most similar to Spanish? Portuguese Italian Catalan

  8. ¿Cuál es algo y nada a la vez? un fantasma un pez una almeja

  9. What Spanish-language country has currency that's printed in English only? Colombia Argentina Panama

  10. The word chocolate came to Spanish from what language? Nahuatl English Latin

updated NOV 23, 2009
posted by mctague

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Thanks, Mc, this is great!

updated OCT 30, 2009
posted by --Mariana--
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