What are Cherokee Indians called in Spanish?

What are Cherokee Indians called in Spanish?


What do Spanish-speaking people call Cherokee Indians? For example, Puerto Ricans are knows as Boriquas or Morenos.

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Cherokee is Creek for "people with another language." Originally, these people called themselves Aniyunwiya, but Cherokee (people of another language) has stood the test of time, and they now refer to themselves this way, although in their language it is said "Tsalagi." Taking all that into account, you could possibly translate "people of another language" to "nación de otro lenguaje" (although, I am pretty sure that it is not said this way in Spanish).

All that aside, I think that the proper way to say Cherokee in Spanish is Cheroqui

You can have a look at this article (it's in Spanish) if you are interested: Cheroqui

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In Cherokee they are called Tsa La Ghi. Donn't know the Spanish though.

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